Enjoy a night out without any worries! Whether you are looking for the convenience of your own personal chauffeur service, or are looking for a designated driver, we can help. Having your own chauffeur can help eliminate the headaches of parking, traffic, weather, and mass transportation. Your chauffeur’s only job is to serve you, and your driver is available for any occasion.

From concerts at The New Orleans Arena to playoff games at the Super Dome, your professional chauffeur will help you create a memorable experience. By having direct contact with your driver, he will always be ready to whisk you away to your next stop!

Let Us Take You There!
Benefits & Advantages
Why book a limo when you can be driven in the comfort of your own car by a safe, experienced, and professional driver?  TDD offers chauffeur and limo type services at the fraction of the cost. 

Whether you're going out for a night on the town or headed to a doctor's appointment accross town, TDD has a solution for you.
Never worry about wasting time finding parking again.  Your TDD driver will drop you off and pick you up at the door.

Ride in the comfort of your own car.

Far more affordable than a limo or chauffeur

Professional drivers


"Take a Responsible Drinking Pledge To Be or Use a Designated Driver
-Henry F. Holden
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Door to door drop-off

Eliminate the hassle of finding a taxi

Don't have to worry about parking

You and your car get home
You call your driver, 
Your driver meets you at your location, 
Your driver takes you and brings you back home.

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Flate Rate
Hourly rate (with 3 hour min.)
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No need to find parking
Your driver is right outside
Your driver is your personal assistant
Half the cost of a limo

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What It Cost
Benefits & Advantages
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Service Areas:  New Orleans and The  Metropolitan Area, Slidell and the Northshore
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Pickup You Up AND Your Car Service * Designated Driver & Personal Driver Service